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Just a a person that has no friends.& oh,I love Doctor Who.

Remember when MTV use to play music videos.

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my life in one picture


there is no picture

i have no life

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it’s so cute how 5 seconds of summer named themselves after their career span


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i heard the funniest time travel joke tomorrow

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People with anxiety:

  • Know the worry is irrational
  • Want to calm down but can’t
  • Hate the fact that breathing feels like you are trying to breathe rocks instead of air
  • Feel like they are drowning and suffocating.  Telling them to just take a breath and calm down doesnt help.
  • Want to stop shaking but can’t control their limbs.
  • Just plain feel horrible and embarrassed.

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i am literally the only person in my history class who has been turning in work consistently all year and i just got an email from my professor saying that if i’m not feeling up to it i dont have to bother writing the 18 page final paper he assigned i just have to not tell anybody god is real

For a while i thought you meant that you had to not tell people that god was real.

This is why punctuation was created

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